Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yea For Spring, Finally!!!!!!

It was such a beautiful day today! I am so glad that the weather has finally decided to warm up a bit. It has been a long, cold winter and we're more than ready for some sunny, warm days. We took advantage of being outside and enjoying the 6o degrees that it was. The kids were riding their bikes and scooters and just enjoying the warmth. Jared has decided that he is going to "try" and raise a dozen or so chickens this spring. They arrive to the pet store on Monday so he spent the day getting a "chicken coop" made along with the help of Ethan and his two older brothers. They are going to keep them at his work in the field back behind the buisness. He has been reading a lot about chickens on the internet and how to raise them etc. He is quite excited and so are the kids. I have to say that I did have quite a bit of exposure as a kid since my grandparents had them. Everytime we went to Loa to visit we would go collect all the eggs and that was a fun experience. I'm not so sure about having them as our "own" but I am letting Jared take care of pretty much the whole thing. He is funny that way, when he get's an idea going he has follow through with it or else he feels like he didn't give it a fair chance. My mom and dad have been giving him some good advice too. I know the kids will love to see the baby chicks while they are little and I'm sure they will enjoy collecting the eggs once they begin to hatch eventually. I love spring and all that it has to offer, new life, re-birth and the change that takes place, I am truly grateful for all the seasons. I love living in Utah for that reason.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sad News!

This past week has been quite difficult since Gracie Gledhill a third cousins baby passed away from a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. She was 11 months old and fought a very hard fight to stay here on earth. but it was not to be. She received a heart transplant on Feb 22nd and her new heart never functioned in a way that could keep her alive without machines helping it. She became very tired and weak and was unable to fight any longer without life support so her parents had to make the hardest decision a parent should ever have to make and discontinue her life support. She passed away on Monday in PCMC with her mom and dad at her side. Her parents chose to have her be an organ donor of all her other organs that were healthy. I was so impressed by such a selfless act of love. I know that many other childrens lives with be forever changed because of their decision. Gracie was an amazing baby. She touched so many peoples lives through her sweet spirit and I know that she is now in Heaven watching over her special family. She has a blog that is an addiction for many who read it faithfully on a daily basis if not more, I am one of those addicted! It has been an amazing road of trials and triumphs and has been such an inspiring story. It has been such an eye opener on my life and my purpose while here on earth. I will be forever changed for the better having known Gracie, Tom, Michele and their other children through this special experience. Life is so precious and fragile. I pray for Tom, Michele and their loved ones and family that they can be at peace with the passing of Gracie. I hope they feel the prayers and love that has been sent their way this past year. They have had an amazing support through this and it is apparent through their blog of her. Hold your children just a little tighter and love your loved ones just a little more now than you did yesterday. Please pray for the Gledhill's and keep them in your thoughts this weekend as they have the funeral services for Gracie and celebrate her special life. If anyone is interested in reading her blog that may not have so far, it is on my sidebar of bloggers that I follow. You will be so touched and inspired, I know I am. Goodbye Gracie, until we meet again.