Friday, June 19, 2009

What a few crazy months that have come and gone so FAST!

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything on our blog. I haven't been so good at updating lately. I manage to fit a little bit of time in on facebook for a quick update here and there but have not been so good about the blogging thing. For a little bit of an update since I blogged last. May was a busy month with all the end of the year stuff going on at school and getting the kids finished with school. Ethan graduated from Kindergarten and is so excited about being a BIG kid next year and being able to stay at school all-day. I'm not so sure he will think that is very cool when it is actually happens! Emma just finished the third grade and is excited about being in fourth grade and moving to the upstairs of the school. Hannah graduated from the two-year old preschool program she was attending and put on a cute little program for all of us to watch. So all in all I think that this explains how we have been super busy attending all of these events and getting ready for summer. We spent the week of the 5th-11th at Delta. My sister Becky and her husband Tom and my sister Kim and her husband Jason came with us too. Becky and Tom left on Saturday and our husbands (Kim and I) left on Sunday and the rest of us braved the week alone with my sis-in-law Angie and her kids along with my in-laws and sis-in-law Lori. We had so much fun R&R-ing. The weather was awesome until Wed and then it was a little bit colder and rainy. We still had lots of fun boating, riding the tube, playing cards etc, etc. Last weekend Emma had a dance competition at Lagoon. She did a duet with a little dance friend of hers Hailey and they placed third among quite a few participants. Her dance group placed first in their competition. I was so proud of her!! She looked so cute too! We did stay all day despite the threatening clouds and enjoyed a fun filled day at Lagoon. The kids had a blast riding on all of the WILD rides, including Hannah. She left around 4:30 to go to my mom's house so the two oldest could ride all of the BIG SCARY rides until Lagoon closed. Ethan was barely tall enough but was able to ride them all (except 2 or 3) which made him SO happy! We are getting psyched for next week to go to Lake Powell for our houseboat time share. We will keep you posted on that! Everyone is doing well as of now. We just finished having the stomach flu with Emma and Ethan over the weekend. Hopefully the sick bugs stay away for the summer at least or forever for that matter.


Draper's said...

WOW!! You guys have been super busy doing tons of fun stuff. Way to go to Emma at Lagoon! They were awesome!! Have fun in Powell.

Jenna and Jace said...

Gotta love Lagoon! Thanks so much for helping me at work Staci, I think I'm getting a LITTLE more used to nights! :)